What is Web AR (Augmented Reality)?

Web AR is your ticket to augmented reality on your smartphone without any downloads. It’s hassle-free, works on most devices and browsers, making AR experiences super convenient.

Plus, it’s user-friendly and has a broad audience reach, making it perfect for creating viral marketing and advertising campaigns.
It’s the future of business web design, turning your website into an interactive wonderland that gives customers a whole new view of your brand and products.


AR Type

App-less Augmented Reality

This is a fundamental aspect of Web AR technology. It’s AR without the need for extra app installations, you can access it directly through your mobile device’s web browser.

Web-based AR rocks because it works on various devices like phones, tablets, and laptops. That’s because most web browsers are available on all these gadgets.
And the best part? No extra software, no installation hassles! You skip the whole app download and setup routine. No need to clutter your phone with more stuff.

Since there’s nothing to download, anyone can dive into cool and unique AR experiences. Right now, web-based AR is like a wizard that turns ordinary web pages into interactive wonderlands.

Marker-based AR

It uses images as markers to make augmented reality you can enjoy right in your web browser. When you scan a user-defined image, it brings up the image along with added digital elements like 3D models, images, videos, and animations in your browser.

Markerless AR

marker-less Web AR, creates augmented reality in an open space that you can enjoy in your web browser. You can use 3D objects, images, text, and animations to build immersive experiences. Unlike marker-based AR, you don’t need an image as a trigger it recognizes the environment and delivers an augmented experience right in your browser.


Web AR is an exciting technology that lets companies reach their audience in new, creative, and memorable ways easily. It’s growing fast, thanks to support from major tech companies.

Web AR reduces the risk of losing customers during their decision-making process. No need to download apps on mobile devices you can provide a full AR experience instantly, boosting customer conversion and retention.

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